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4 Easy Ways to Sparkle Up Your Look For The Holidays!


One of the biggest charms of London during the holidays is being present for all of the wonderful, joyful lights and celebrations around the city. Even better, the city’s signature fashion is on full display at parties all around! Whether you celebrate in a small gathering or attend hundreds of fabulous parties, we think that this time of year is perfect for adding a little bit of sparkle to your London look. For the perfect touch of sparkle, here are a few easy ways to incorporate an extra bit of fun and glamour into your holiday fashions!


1. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

Sourced from Mascara Wars

To get that sparkly shine, try incorporating glitter pigment (like MAC’s Glitter) in your makeup. You can tap some onto your eyeliner or onto your entire lid, sprinkle a bit onto your cheeks to make your blush shine, or even throw a bit into your hair for those moments when you are in the center of the party lights!


2. When In Doubt, Metallic Out

Sourced from Benton


If you don’t want to have a touch of sparkle in your makeup (and let’s be real, who wants to wake up post-celebration with chunks of glitter in their hair updos?), try being bold and vibrant with your outfit. When in doubt, metallics are perfect for nearly any major celebration or event. For us, the best way to incorporate this look is with a solid colored top.


3. Sequins To The Rescue

Sourced from Etsy


Okay, so it might be possible to go crazy with sequins, but we still think they are a great way to add sparkle to your London look! These wonderful little gems were major hits in the 80s and have been making a comeback all around the world. Try something a little more subtle like a sequin-encrusted headband or bow (we love this one from Etsy). Or, if you feel like taking baby steps with your sequin experimentation, wear a pair of sequin socks. It’ll give your look a peek of sparkly fun!


4. If All Else Fails, Neon Is Your Friend

Sourced from Naf Dresses


While neon may not be quite as sparkly as glitter or sequins, it’s incredibly hard not to be noticed with neon. You can experiment with neon eye and lip makeup (we’re obsessed with this palette from Urban Decay), wear neon clothing, make use of our beauty services to get a neon shellac manicure, or if you want to be truly original - sport a neon tattoo! There are countless varieties on the Internet (Etsy and Amazon will be your best bet), we promise that this look will be totally unique and incredibly fun.


Find Your Own Sparkle!


Whatever look you choose to do,be sure to find your own unique sparkle, whatever that may be! If you aren’t quite sure what look you want, try using one of our beauty services at home to add a little extra sparkle to your manicure or makeup! Or, let us be your mobile hair stylist for the night and glam you up for your next fabulous party!