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5 Best Blow-Dries for Short Hair

Are you looking for a way to show off your short hair this holiday season? We’ve got just the thing! Below are some of

our favorite, easy ways blow-dries for short hair. These will be just what you need to take your style from drab, simple

updos to glamorous, blown-out glam!


1. The Classic

Sourced from Brit + Co


This blow-dry for short hair is totally classic, timeless, and super easy to achieve with or without a hair stylist.

Simply wet and wash your hair as usual, lightly brush out any tangles, take a rounded hair brush and

blow-dry all around. For best results, try tying up sections of your hair as you work with a loose area, then

slowly run the rounded brush down your hair while you follow it with the blow-dryer on a medium to low

setting. This look is our go-to for instant volume and London chic style!


2. The Face-Framer

Sourced from

The method to achieve this blow-dry is similar to the  - wash, comb, brush and dry. But, the difference

in this method is that while you are running the rounded brush through your hair, you will be turning your hair

inward at the tips. This allows for a straighter blow-dry at the top of your head and a face-framing,

inward-curled blow-dry towards the bottom. We love this blow-dry because it is a great way to show off your

short hair while flaunting your natural face shape!


3. The Farrah Fawcett


Sourced from Hairfinder


If you loved Farrah Fawcett and all of the other golden girls of her time, you know that she was famous for

her outward-turned, flouncy hair. What’s less known is that this works great for short hair! To achieve, simply

blow-dry as usual, but when you get to the tips, turn slightly outward instead of inward (just slightly!). If you

feel like going full Farrah, go ahead! But, we think that a subtle outward curve will be just enough to set you

apart with this look without looking like you are from a different decade.


4. The Scrunch Queen

Sourced from


If you have naturally wavy short hair, this scrunched up blow-dry look will be a great way to accentuate your

hair’s natural curl. When creating this blow-dry, you’ll use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to gently

scrunch up the the hair as you dry. For best results, start from the bottom of your hair and slowly move the

dryer up towards the top of your head, making sure you capture loose strands in your diffuser along

the way.


5. The Straight And Narrow

Sourced from
Short Hairstyles.Co


Unlike the classic blow-dry which seeks to give volume, this blow-dry look is best for those who might want a

straighter look. This “straight and narrow” hairstyle is incredibly simple - you’ll follow all the same steps as the classic

blow-dry, but you will use a straight comb or brush instead of a rounded one. The results will be hair so straight and

sleek it’ll look like you have your own mobile hair stylist!


Embrace Your Short Hair!


Whichever of these five blow-dries you choose to test out, be sure to embrace your gorgeous, playful short hair! We

love short hair because it is fun to style and incredibly easy to maintain, and we’d love to help you glam up your

hairstyle and create a few custom hair updos  for your upcoming events! Use one of our beauty services at home (or

have us come to the office if you are crazy busy!) and let us style your short hair to perfection!