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Eyeshadow Looks To Stand Out This Party Season

Shadow, liner, creams - oh, my! Creating the perfect eyeshadow looks can seem an overwhelming and often frustrating task. With the holiday season heading into full swing, you are looking for simple, gorgeous looks to carry you through the London party scene. After all, the perfect eyeshadow is like the perfect manicure - it sets the tone for the rest of your look. Below are a few of our most loved eyeshadow looks that will help you stand out from the crowd this party season!


1. Crimson Darling

Sourced from @mtaumauve


When you think of the holidays, you probably think of red, greens, silvers, blues, and golds. This eyeshadow look takes red to a whole new level with a dark crimson smokey eye. The look is followed up with a simple, thin black liner and a few small specks of red glitter pigment on top. This rich party is surprisingly flattering on most skin tones, and can be perfect for night outs at clubs and parties where lighting may be sparse - when the dim light does catch your eye, it will show off a totally seductive look!


2. Creamy Goddess

Sourced from @iheartmakeupart


Nudes never go out of style, and cream colours are another easy way to capture a nude look. Simple prep and prime your eye area as you usually would, and apply a mix of matte cream-coloured shadow on your top lid with a light to medium brown in the creases. Finish with a bold, strong-winged cat eye and you’ve got yourself a look perfect for daytime holiday events. To complete the look, try experimenting with different, elegant hair updos - simple side braids and refined top buns are our go-tos!


3. Glitter Adventuress


Sourced from @Vegas_Kay


We’ve been over this before - who doesn’t love a little glitter? While it may not be perfect year round, the holiday season is definitely the right time to show off your glitter-based looks. Just like the others, this eyeshadow look is ridiculously simple. In fact, there is no shadow involved! Simply create a dark, medium-thick eyeliner line and top it off with a thin line of silver or gold glitter liner.


4. Rainbow Gal

Sourced from Tumblr


This look is for all of those colourful, party-hopping gals out there. We don’t recommend wearing this to your holiday work party or a family event, but we absolutely suggest this look for all of those late night, music-blasting parties that you can’t wait to attend. Why settle for one colour in an eye look when you can have them all? Start with a simple, matte eyeshadow base - we think reds, maroons, and plums are perfect - and top with any mix of your favorite coloured glitter pigments. Try one look with all of the colours of the rainbow, and then change it up next time with only silvers, golds, and bronze! Worried about going it alone and ending up a mess? You can always try to source a mobile makeup artist to help you out - or just be sure not to go over-board by picking no more than 3 to 4 colours for your whole look.