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Get beachy waves - without the heat!

For those of us not blessed with a head full of curls, it can seem like the only route to achieving any kind of wave is by turning up the heat with the straighteners or curling wand. But we all know how damaging this can be for our hair and blowdrying is the last thing you want to be doing when the weather’s warm! So fear not, we’ve rounded up the best no-heat techniques to get those beachy waves. Boho babe here we come!

Spray and scrunch



If you’re forever trying to recreate that just stepped out the ocean look, then this is the one for you! Make your own DIY salt spray by combining 1 cup of warm water, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of melted coconut oil in a plastic spray bottle and voila! Give it a spritz through damp hair and scrunch using your fingers to create perfectly tousled locks.


Braids, braids, braids!


Braids reduce the dreaded frizz, whilst creating defined waves that will last all day. If you want your waves to start from the top of your head, use a french braiding technique whilst your hair is still wet. For looser waves that start lower down, use normal plaits. You can play around with the number of braids you have to create different types of waves - the more braids, the thinner and more defined the curl! Leave your hair to completely dry in the braids (this one’s a good one to do before bed!) then shake them out to reveal your new look!


The Princess Leia




You can probably guess what this one may look like - this technique got its name from the iconic hairstyle of Star Wars’ very own Princess Leia! After washing your hair, divide it into two sections and brush through some leave-in conditioner if you’re after a sleeker look. Then twist each section into a bun on the side of your head, twisting away from the face on each side. Secure the buns with hair grips and leave them to dry naturally. Once dry, untwist your hair from the grips, using your fingers to style the wave away from your face. You’ll be left with blowdry looking bouncy waves!


Wave goodbye to straight, limp hair and say hello to... waves!