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IWD Feature: Prettly Pro - Angelika

International Women's Day provides the perfect opportunity to shine a light on a fantastic woman who has truly inspired the team at Prettly. Our beauty professional, Angelika, is the epitome of a woman who truly loves what she does and is devoted to constantly learning and growing her skill. Plus, our clients absolutely love her! We got a chance to ask Angelika about her early career, personal life, and more.



What about being a freelance beauty professional was attractive to you?

To work as a freelancer is about shaping your own destiny, and about establishing your freedom.  At the same time, I must remain disciplined and manage my own time and actions. My hobbies are photography and traveling and being a freelancer allows me to travel, take pictures, attend college, enjoy the world, and at the same time to have an income that I can cover all of it.


How has Prettly helped in your career as a beauty professional?  

Prettly has played a major role in my life since I moved to London.  I found Prettly through an article on the 10 Best Beauty Apps. I decided to apply and after passing a few tests, I had the privilege to get Prettly’s acceptance. Ever since I started working for them, I have had the full support of the entire team. We maintain communication constantly and I feel relaxed and safe in my job. This gives me the opportunity to provide the best service I am capable of. I have 24 years of experience in the field, but every place has its own ways of doing things. Without the support of Prettly I would not have the success and balance that I enjoy.


 How have the women in your life contributed to your success, both personally and professionally?  

Working in the beauty industry for 24 years is a privilege and a pleasure for me. It was my childhood dream. We had a neighbour, a lady who was a beauty therapist. She was delicate and yet strong. He worked a lot and had the most amazing smile in the world. She was my cosmetic muse.

 I graduated in something completely different - Economics, but I always knew that it was not my true calling so I followed my calling and graduated in Biology too. I later specialized in cosmetics. I went through all cosmetics trainings in Bulgaria and successfully passed the most prestigious Gold Master Class of the international beautician association INFA. I later graduated and I am now a college lecturer, as well. My grandmother supported my choice.


What has been the hardest challenge you've faced in your career, and how have you overcame it?

London is a cosmopolitan city. My clients are people with diverse background and from different nationalities. They all are have distinct traditions - and requirements - when it comes to applying cosmetics' techniques. I have to understand my customers' needs and demands so I can deliver a world class service, matching their cultural expectations. I have been able to handle these demands and expectations by attending beautician forums, seminars and exhibitions, following the latest professional trends and developing new sets of skills. Adapting to this whole new world wouldn't be achievable without the support provided by Prеttly's team.  Their support delivered very detailed and accurate instructions. They have always responded very quickly and their input has been priceless. I knew I could speak to them at all times, and that gave me the strength to overcome this brand-new challenge in my career. I am now working with pleasure and have ideas on how to provide better and better service. I accept the difference not as a difficulty but as an opportunity to develop myself. I was fortunate to fall into this team and that brings me both personal and financial satisfaction. I love my work and I am lucky to work exactly what I want. I am a happy woman.