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IWD Feature: Prettly Pro - Chanell

In the spirit of International Women's Day, we rounded up our top four women who inspire us. Our first feauture is our premium Pretty beauty professional, Chanell. Chanell has been a client favorite for years, and has developed a devoted client base who have helped her build her business. We caught up with chanell to discuss career, managing a family, and the women who have supported her along the way.


What about being a freelance beauty professional was attractive to you?

What attracted me to being a freelance beauty therapist is flexible hours. I have been a qualified therapist for 11 years working in spas and salons and the hours are super long and not as rewarding as now. I am a mother to two children so it’s very important to have a balance between work and Home life and being freelance gives me just that.


How has Prettly helped in your career as a beauty professional?

Prettly has really helped me in my beauty career to give us beauty pro’s a platform to have lovely trustworthy clients. Prettly has made it a safe and friendly environment to work with and the support they give between the clients and us pros is exceptional. They are always on the other end to help with any issues no matter what time.


 How have the women in your life contributed to your success, both personally and professionally?  

In my family especially with my mum and nan, it is super important to be an independent woman. Even having children at such a young age they encouraged me to keep going and be a role model for my daughter. Being self employed has definitely empowered me and has made my family proud.


What has been the hardest challenge you've faced in your career, and how have you overcame it?

The hardest challenge for me in my career is finding the right balance between family and work. I always want to be there for my children but I also want to become a professional successful businesswoman. I have overcome  this by choosing my own hours and days. By that I mean I can choose to work late evenings some weeks and also weekends or choose to work just weekdays sometimes. That way I try to get that perfect balance that suits my home life as well.