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Love Mirror Nails? 4 More Trends To Watch This Season

Mirror nails were a big hit this season, and we absolutely love the trend. For equally creative, artistically beautiful nails, check out these four similar manicure trends to look out for in the coming months.


1. The Bold French

Sourced from Elle

A big trend this fashion week was a bolder take on the classic French tip. The runways were filled with models showing off their sexily different manicures, and we think this trend is here to stay. While typical French manicures include a clear base and a white/eggshell tip, this look takes it a step further by incorporating darker colors inspired by the new season. Instead of a clear base, try using a lighter peach and pair it with a split top of two dark colors like charcoal and maroon to achieve this gorgeous manicure look. To carry this trend on through the winter season, try experimenting with different split tips: maroon/espresso, grey/navy, or even maroon/seaweed for a Holiday look. 

2. The Gold-Striped Goddess

Sourced from Elle

Gold is another color that will never go out of style - in your makeup, on your clothes, and now on your nails. A major nail trend on the runway this season was manicures with a matte pastel color and a striking gold stripe running down the middle. This look has all of the elegance of day time work flow with a splash of night time fun, and will definitely be your new favorite go-to manicure. To change up the trend and make it your own, try mixing different matte bases with varying center stripes: light pink with a grey glitter line, lavender or mauve with a red stripe, etc.


3. The Marble Printed Expressionist

Sourced from Elle

Christian Siriano used this exclusive nail design on his runway and describes it as a mysterious look capable of “tipping the boundaries of femininity and masculinity”. Marble print has long been a staple in fashion history, gracing the collections of many designers including Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim. The main advantage to this architecturally inspired manicure trend is its versatility to match with any outfit or mood. The swirly mix of two colors, usually white and grey, adds a certain awe-inspiring depth to any look. As with other trends, make it your own and play around with different colors and swirl designs!


4. The Midnight Masquerade

Sourced from Elle

Winter is the season for dark, deep, and sensual colors and this nail trend makes sure to put all of those descriptors to good use. While deep color tones are not new to end of year nail trends, this specific look combines the best of 3 different unique shades to give a truly exciting manicure. The look takes its cue from some of the best vampy trends in makeup and beauty history, and combines shades of deep eggplant, red velvet, and charcoal to create the hottest midnight look imaginable. For a manicure look that will show off your mood and change with the setting, try using a darker, sparkly maroon under a slightly lighter matte eggplant. In the sunlight or in the bright lights of fancy bar, the maroon will shine through, adding the perfect accent to the purple.


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