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Meet The Prettly Team - Aimee

As part of our Meet The Prettly Team series, we've bombarded our Marketing and Operations Associate, Aimee, with some fun questions! 



1) Where are you from?

I was born in London, but lived most of my life in a little Essex town world-renowned for it’s sea salt… interesting, I know.


2) What about Prettly attracted you to apply for a role?

I really wanted to work for a start-up, to see how they function and to be given more hands on responsibility. I also love that they’re a company for women, run by women - girlpower!


3) What is your role at Prettly?

I am a Marketing & Operations associate on the supply side, so I work with our lovely professionals!


4) What is the beauty product you can't live without?

Eyelash curlers! I have oddly straight eyelashes that don’t even curl with mascara, so these are my must-have.


5) Do you have any beauty regimes that you swear by?

I try to always cleanse, tone and moisturise (Liz Earle has the best 3 step regime!)… but the tone is often forgotten! But I always, always moisturise… dry elbows scare me!


6) What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? 

BBQs, BBQs, BBQs! I love food and an excuse for social gatherings… as long as someone else is doing the BBQing, I’m just here for the eating!


7) If you could leave for a trip tomorrow, where would you go and why? 

South America - I’m half Spanish but (embarrassingly) I don’t speak it, so I’d love to live in a Spanish speaking country where I’m forced to learn it.


8) What is a hair trend that you love and want to try?

Balayage! I haven’t coloured my hair in years after a few disastrous occurrences. So I’d love to try balayage but I’m put off by upkeep - I’m pretty low maintenance in some aspects!


9) What is the most random thing in your bag?

A pebble from Milan - I decided I wanted to collect a stone from each place I visited and have a jar full of them with the place and date written on each one. Then I got too lazy and stopped after the first trip… and also thought I may be contributing to destroying the environment!


10) What is the best thing about London?

The weather - obviously! Kidding, I hate the weather. The best thing is that there is always something interesting going on, including so many fun free events which I loved while I was a student! I always scan TimeOut Magazine for stuff going on that week.