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Perfect Autumn to Winter Celebrity Makeup Inspiration

Winter is just around the corner, but we are still in love with Autumn makeup trends! Dark, bold, and sensual describe the tones set by the makeup addicts and celebrities for this years most popular looks, and we can’t get enough. If you want a few reasons to hold onto Autumn a little bit longer and celebrate the end of the season with gorgeous makeup, we’ve got some ideas for you.


1. Gigi’s Glitter Liner

Gigi Hadid Glitter Lips

 Sourced from Teen Vogue

If you are anything like us, you tend to love every trend that Gigi Hadid follows. This Autumn, glitter eyeliner was a big hit on the runway, and Gigi was no exception to this phenomenon. Her gold and silver glitter eyeliner at the Tommy Hilfiger show was edgy, fun, and totally gorgeous. To get this London look, take a black or brown eyeliner pencil and apply it around your top and bottom lids. Then, taking glitter of your choice (we love MAC’s Glitter in Gold) on a small round brush, lightly pat in the specks of shimmer onto the liner. For daring look that will truly shine, try experimenting with different coloured glitter - dark orange, red, and dark purple will be amazing ways to show your love for Autumn before the season change. For a two in one Gigi-inspired look, try her hair updo from the above photo! Simple, pulled back with a little tiara. How can you go wrong?


2. Kendall’s Gothic Romance

Kendall Jenner Dark Lips

Sourced from Vogue 

Another trend that is been a big hit this Autumn season is modern gothic makeup. Bold, dramatic lashes coupled with a simple face and dark lips make for the perfect way to show off your audacious personality. To achieve that subtle, sexy Autumn vampire look, start with a simple (almost bare) face, add faux lashes and mascara, and top off with a sensual lip colour (dark purples and maroons are perfect colours!).


3. Reese’s Peachy Complexion

Reese Witherspoon Peach Blush

 Sourced from Babble

This year, Autumn was all about achieving simple beauty, and a peachy complexion was a big part of that mantra. Reese Witherspoon was a fan of this trend and used it to show off her natural glow with a subtle blush. To emulate this relaxed Autumn glow, try pairing a natural lip colour with peachy tones in your eyes and lips. To really get the peach to pop, add a little bronzer underneath your cheekbones to enhance the colour!


4. Amber’s Stained Lips

Amber Heard Golden Globes

 Sourced from Allure

Red lipstick never goes out of style, and it is the one Autumn makeup trend that will always be loved. This season, darker, stained red lips were the variation on this timeless classic, and Amber Heard showed off her ruby peckers at the Golden Globes. Getting the look yourself is simple: start with a dark red or maroon lip stain and top with a small amount of red lipstick the center of your mouth (near the Cupid’s bow). Voila! Classically beautiful lips for a classically beautiful gal.


Celebrate The Last Days Of Autumn With Confidence

This Autumn season was all about emphasizing natural beauty while taking it to the next level with daring makeup looks and hair updos that exude confidence. From the dark lips to glitterati inspired eyes, you’ll have plenty of ways to celebrate the last few days of the season in pure makeup heaven, while showing off your beautiful London style. If you aren’t quite sure how to achieve this looks at home, try using one of our many beauty services at home and let us do the work for you! Do you have any favorite Autumn looks that you’ve been obsessed with? Leave a comment down below and tell us about them, or like us on Instagram to see a few of our most loved looks!