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Prettly’s Festival-Chic Guide

Festival fashion is getting funkier every year - and we couldn’t be happier about it! You’ve probably decided on your outfits, so Prettly is here to give you the final finishing touches. Check out our top 5 beauty hacks for rocking the festival look!

1. Go jewel crazy!


Why stop at face jewels? This year we’re embellishing our bodies with all the glitter, sequins and jewels we can get our hands on! Prettly tip - eyelash glue works wonders and is safe to use on your skin.


2. Glitter as highlighter? Yes please!




For a softer look, opt for using glitter where you’d normally use your highlighter. Team it with some boho braids and you’re rocking that subtle but sassy vibe! Prettly tip - use a primer or vaseline to get the glitter to stick.


3. Statement nails



At Prettly we believe you’re never truly ready without your mani! Tie your whole look together by matching your nails to your outfit. If you don’t have time to get to the salon, why not book one of our beauty professionals directly to your doorstep? You could even get your braids done at the same time!


4. Braid beauty hack!



If you’re camping at a festival, braids are a must have. Not only do they look super funky but they hide the fact you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair! Prettly tip: use glitter instead of dry shampoo to cover up any greasy roots.


5. And if it all goes wrong - a huge pair of statement sunglasses!


We’re especially loving mirrored lenses at the moment - but just wait for everyone to be checking their hair in the reflection!