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Women We Love: Louise Boyce


Louise shared some fabulous advice about motherhood, career, and balancing it all. She's a complete goddess who we've loved working with and are excited to share with you some of her words of wisdom.


How do you find time to balance your family, career, and moments of self care?

 Balancing work and family is always a spinning plate guilt battle, but it always seems to work out.   I have to remind myself that my kids are happy and I am probably worrying about them too much when I have to work late.. They love their play dates or their grandmother picking them up after school.  It’s a treat for them -   It’s me that needs to chill!  

 The weekends are always very special as we’re all together so we try and get out of London and explore a castle or go to a forest and go explore long walks.   It’s great for myself and my husband to unwind from a busy week – change of scenery is always good for the mind- and the kids love being outdoors - so it’s a winner for us all!

 Also, I really have to make myself notice when I have some time to myself and really use it to my advantage. 

When the kids as asleep in the evening, I usually crack on with laundry or answer emails, but then I ask myself  ‘can this wait?’ and most of the time it can – so then I enjoy a long hot candle lit bath or dive into a new Netflix box set with my husband cuddled up on the sofa. 

 Sometimes when I lay in bed about to go to sleep, I make myself aware of the silence around me – and I breathe.  It’s so relaxing, a form of mediation that I only appreciate now that I’m a busy mama. 

 I also talk to my girlfriends and see them as much as I can.  We’re all in the same boat (and WhatsApp chat) – and sometimes we all meet up just to rant.  A form of therapy perhaps? 

 All these small things of self care make such a difference to your soul and wellbeing. 


What do you hope to achieve through your blog and role as an influencer?

 The blog is called ‘Mama Still Got It’ and my tagline is ‘Written for Mothers – Read by Women’. And it’s exactly that… It’s a mum blog written for mothers and not for your children.  Sorry – not sorry. Being a mother can take its toll on a lot of things – your looks, your weight, your fashion sense, your sex life etc… but underneath all this motherhood, we are still fabulous – we have all still got it – never lost it. 

We have the hardest job in the world, and it’s not to be underestimated.  Sometimes women can lose their identity when they become a mother.  We can almost become pigeon-holed and I think it’s important to embrace our strength, beauty, pride, identity and confidence as we take on daily challenges as a mother.

 My modelling career will always rely on how I look – so over the years my love for skincare, fashion, cosmetics  and general wellbeing has always been a passion of mine that has evolved as I have too. Part of the job description being a model is to look after yourself – and I have to work a lot harder at doing this now – especially being in my late 30’s and looking after 2 boys under 5.  It’s a tough industry to work in, but one I love. Regardless if you're a model or not - we all want to be better, look better, feel better …  My mum once said to me  'You must get better with age…otherwise what's the point?' This resonated with and became my vision in life.  It wasn’t about who I was back then, but who I am now and what I will grow into and this excites me.  

 I’m hoping my influence with my blog will make all mothers remember they are beautiful women and will read my blog or follow me on Instagram for a boost of confidence or a good laugh!


How have the women in your life supported and/or inspired you, both personally and professionally?

 This may sound like a cliché but my inspiration both personally and professionally is my mother. My father left us  for another woman when I was 4, my sister 6 and my brother 1 – she had no money, no job, no husband, about to lose her house, had 3 children to feed and clothe and no social life, but I only remember my childhood being a happy place. She made everything fun – even when my mum was at her all time low – we had no idea and she never made us feel like we different from other families.  She always carried herself with such grace, poise, dignity, class and love.

 She started up her own company working from home and around us (the kids) typing letters for people (back in the day when there wasn’t any internet or computers). She worked night after night in her bedroom until the early hours just to get her business off the ground – a lot harder to do back then without a social media platform to shout from.  But she did it – because she had to.  She now owns a very successful accounting company, is mortgage free on two properties, and can splash out on fancy holidays – something that we never did growing up. 

 Now that I’m a mother, I can appreciate the hard work, heart ache and struggles she must have gone through and I often ask her ‘how did you do it?’  She always replies with the same answer.  ‘’If you walk up the stairs, be careful to always look up in the direction you’re going  – if you look back you’ll fall down those stairs’. My mum is a superhero and I’m so proud to be her daughter.  I think my drive, enthusiasm and positivity all comes from her -  and for that I cannot be more thankful.


If you could give advice to the younger you, what would you say?

Wear sunscreen, Love your body, Speak up, Ignore negative comments, Be yourself, Don’t follow the crowds, Buy that bag, Stop biting your nails, Dump him before he dumps you.


What are your top beauty tips and tricks?

Wear sunscreen, Drink lots of water, Get a good nights sleep (tough being a mother sometimes!), Eat your greens, Properly cleanse your face before you go to bed, Cut down on alcohol and sugar (tough being a mother sometimes!), Take vitamins, Keep spoons in the freezer and place then over your eyes in the morning to reduce puffiness, Apply your make up in good natural light, Take time to find the correct foundation for you, Always carry a nail file, If in doubt, wear lipstick. Smile.